Day 3 of Locktober!

Happy Day 3 of Locktober! I know, we're just doing this to highlight a new chastity device every day, but ya know it's fun! Today's Featured Chastity Cage is...


With this confinement piece, he will be locked away until you decide to set them free. This devious cage is both adjustable and secure. The Rikers cage is sturdy, yet semi-flexible, with an opening for urethral access which aids in extended wear. This chastity device is designed specially to avoid any wiggling or movement of the rings, so there is no chance of slipping loose. The extra secure locking mechanism at the top adds an extra layer of security. Choose from the three differently sized rings for the best fit. This set comes with one cock cage, three graduated rings, one extra secure locking chamber, and a lock with two keys. Polycarbonate is lightweight and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for long term wear. It is also durable and strong, and will not crack.   This cage...
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It’s Day 2 of Locktober!

So locktober is is a thing in the Female Led Relationship and Femdom world. It's basically what it sounds like...the women lock up their men or subs in chastity for a month! So we're going to highlight a male chastity device every day. First up, the CB-6000. The satisfied users of the CB2000 or the CB3000, can now move up to the next level with the CB6000 Male Chastity Device. This new model has some enhancements and improvements over previous models, while retaining that same high quality chastity security, comfort, and usability of those previous versions. New Enhancements:
  • There are three interlocking pieces that fit together as one complete device.
  • There are two guide pins that hold the top pieces together with a locking pin connecting the cage to the ring.
  • The Hinge has been removed for added comfort.
  • The Locking mechanism has been improved to make it easier to change the rings.
  • Redesign of the cage allows for a more comfortable fit during long t...
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Sex Toy Saturday-Wand Essentials Edition!

Happy Sex Toy Saturday!

We could have waited until next Friday's version of "Five New Products Friday" but we didn't want to.  Because we've added some really awesome personal massagers from Wand Essentials! Here are five personal massagers from Wand Essentials that we're sure you're going to enjoy.


Experience dazzling massage to go! The Charmed Petite Wand is perfect for stimulating all your sensitive areas and looks fabulous doing it! This petite wand is powered by an ultra strong variable speed motor and is accented with beautiful pink and white gems. The ergonomic design of Charmed and the sleek finish add to the exquisite nature of this magnificent mini massager. Perfect for fun on the go!


The Wand Essentials multi-speed MyBody massager is great for releasing tension and deep tissue massage. This wand is engineered with a mighty powerful m...
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Five New Products Friday 9 22 2017

Hard to believe that it's Friday already!

In this post, we showcase a number of our new products, including a couple of massagers from Aneros!  Don't forget that you can save 10% off of your entire purchase with coupon code savetenoff! Five New Products:


With the Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager, men can have their prostate gland massaged, stroked and stimulated. This device is designed to not only insert smoothly into the anus, but is contoured to stimulate the prostate gland with only slight movement. At the same time, the handles on the outside will stroke and massage the perineum, giving the man dual pleasures. A K-tab on the opposite side of the perineum massager offers acupressure point massage. Hands-free usage of the Aneros is possible, since the movement of the device is generated by the contractions of the sphincter muscles. Due to its size, the Progasm is ideal for those more experienced in anal sex.


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Top Foods For Boosting Libido

Sexual health is related to your overall health, but here's a great diet plan!

This is referenced from Maxim's article "These 20 Superfoods Are Guaranteed To Make You Better In Bed".  The title is incorrect as there are 21 foods listed... The listed super foods for better sex in order are:
  1. Steak
  2. Asparagus
  3. Oats
  4. Chilis
  5. Bananas
  6. Champagne
  7. Avocados
  8. Water
  9. Garlic
  10. Celery
  11. Pomegranates
  12. Honey
  13. Fish
  14. Strawberries
  15. Kiwi
  16. Figs
  17. Hemp
  18. Walnuts
  19. Eggs
  20. Maca
  21. Dark Chocolate
This sounds like a delicious diet, not gonna lie.  But most of these foods are large part of eating healthy in general.  Your body needs these nutrients to run at peak levels, so it makes sense that these would increase your libido! The one that kind of was a "That makes sense" moment was the water.  Our bodies run on water, and most adults are chronically dehydrated. Crazy.  Talk about a thi...
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Sad News, Guys!

According to this Maxim article, women lose interest in sex with their partners after one year.  The article relates a study of more than 11,000 participants that saw 34% of women lose interest in sex after being with their partners for one year. 34%. How can you fix this?  By mixing it up and keeping things fresh.  Sex toys are a great start (Not that we're biased or anything). Try mixing it up though. Vibrators, cock rings, dildos, even more fun things such as strap ons all provide novelty and new adventures to try. Go get kinky guys and girls!
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Sex Toy Saturday-Featuring Inmi Vibrators!

Use coupon "inmivibe" to save an additional 10% off of Inmi products!

Happy Sex Toy Saturday!

Today, we're going to highlight Inmi Vibrators.  Inmi produces arguably the best functioning and high-quality vibrators out there.  And they've won awards for it, too.  Inmi's product line spans everything from rabbit vibes, phone app controlled vibrators, all the way to gold-plated vibrators!   Here are five of our favorite Inmi vibes.


Hold on tight, because this rabbit vibe will have you squirming uncontrollably! Introducing the innovative technology of the B-Rabbit, a rechargeable silicone vibrator for your internal and external pleasure. The subtle curve of the shaft will vibrate within you, providing G-spot stimulation while 5 rows of rotating beads tantalize you in just the right spot. The clit stimulator is shaped like a bunny so that you can trap your clit between the fluttering ears or under the pressure of the curve ...
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New Male Chastity Devices Now In Stock!

We've got a bunch more chastity products to offer you! Check them out below:


Put your penis in purgatory with the Gates of Hell Chastity device! This chastity devices is made up of a series of 7 nickel plated steel rings, attached together by a leather strap. The first ring is for your cock and the balls the rest of the rings are to secure the penis.


The CB-3000 Pink Male Chastity Device is a newly updated classic offering the best of comfort and security. The CB-3000 now incorporates the classic cage of the CB-3000 with the ring design of the CB-6000. The rings consist of three interlocking pieces that fit together like a puzzle. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The oval locking pin goes through the middle recessed hole connecting the cage portion to the ring. The flat design of the rings is extremely comfortable and secure. The CB-3000 is made of medical grade polycarbonate material. It is...
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Sex Toy Saturday 9-9-2017

Happy Saturday, guys!

Here are a few featured products to get you thinking kinky this weekend:


This vibrating silicone strap on dildo requires no harness, so nothing comes between your lover and you but your pleasure. Completely strapless, it stays in place with an insertable, curved probe, delivering delicious G-spot stimulation to the wearer. Just flex your PC muscles and let the powerful bullet send pleasure buzzing into you as you penetrate your partner with the same vibration! The bullet has a simple one-touch power switch, sending powerful sensations from the bulbous penetrator to the long, curved shaft. The smooth, rigid silicone is silky for easy insertion, with a semi-phallic shape and curved shaft for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. Furthermore, the wearer can grind against the textured clitoral pad as they thrust in and out of their partner, finding greater satisfaction than ever before! The waterproof design lets y...
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What is Femdom?

What is Femdom?

In short, femdom stands for female domination.  It occurs when the female takes charge of the relationship (this could be a lesbian or traditional relationship) and assumes the dominate roll.  Traditionally, this has fallen to the male in the relationship due basically to sexist teachings throughout the years. However, femdom is seeing a rise in popularity as women are becoming more and more confident in themselves and discovering their opportunities to lead.  Normally, a man submits to a woman out of a sexual desire to be submissive.  This does not mean that the men in femdom relationships are losers or otherwise non-A personalities.  In fact, many men in this type of relationship are quite successful and typically masculine.  Sometimes, couples enter into a femdom relationship just simply to change things up. What does a femdom relationship look like?  It can look like many thing...
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Sex Toy Saturday!

Happy Sex Toy Saturday!

Yes, we're going to make this a thing.  Maybe. First thing's first, yes, we are offering a coupon that will save you 15% off of your entire purchase!  Just use coupon code 'sextoysaturday' and you'll be good to go!  

A list of our most recent products:

Inmi B Rabbit Vibe Inmi Pulsette SexFlesh Lusty Leo And we've actually added many more.  But feel free to shop all of our products here.

Sex Tip of the Weekend

Pretty sure that this will become a thing... When it comes to sex, we've all got our own fantasies that make us tick.  It's important for us to realize that, and to respect that. It's also important for us to realize that our partners are there not necessarily to fulfill those fantasies, but rather as a partner to enjoy mutual intimacy and really, life itself. So today's sex tip is simply to remind you to be understanding and respectful of where ev...
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