Day 3 of Locktober!

Happy Day 3 of Locktober!

I know, we’re just doing this to highlight a new chastity device every day, but ya know it’s fun!

Today’s Featured Chastity Cage is…


With this confinement piece, he will be locked away until you decide to set them free. This devious cage is both adjustable and secure. The Rikers cage is sturdy, yet semi-flexible, with an opening for urethral access which aids in extended wear. This chastity device is designed specially to avoid any wiggling or movement of the rings, so there is no chance of slipping loose. The extra secure locking mechanism at the top adds an extra layer of security. Choose from the three differently sized rings for the best fit. This set comes with one cock cage, three graduated rings, one extra secure locking chamber, and a lock with two keys. Polycarbonate is lightweight and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for long term wear. It is also durable and strong, and will not crack.


This cage isn’t as fancy as some of the cages out there, but it definitely works!

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